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Week of October 26

Amy Coney Barrett clerked for the late Justice Antonin Scalia, and she says "his judicial philosophy is mine too." That's giving Democrats nightmares, especially with Barrett about to be confirmed days ahead of the presidential election. They never forgot Scalia's role in the contested 2000 election, when a conservative majority ruled in favor of the Republican, George W. Bush, over another Democratic vice president, Al Gore. President Trump hasn't forgotten either.

From the album One Bush, Two Bush, Old Bush, New Bush (2001).

Week of October 19

Kamala Harris tried to deflect Mike Pence's attack on her support for the Green New Deal during the vice-presidential debate since she was for it...before she was against it. It's not easy to be both politically and environmentally correct these days.

From the album The Lyin' Kings (2019).

Week of October 12

Columbus is on his way to getting cancelled, and his holiday is in danger, too. More and more cities and states have been replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day. This year, even Arizona joined in — though it's still trying to have it both ways.

From the album Desperate Housemembers (2011).

Week of October 5

If the Supreme Court eventually does have to "look at the ballots," then Joe Biden has more to worry about than the confirmation of a ninth justice. Justice Clarence Thomas hasn't forgotten the handling of his own controversional nomination in 1991, when Biden was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and he's under no obligation to recuse himself.

From the album Fools on the Hill (1992).

Week of September 28

The National Rifle Association came out in support of Amy Coney Barrett, but it's got bigger worries than than defending the Second Amendment from high-school students again. New York's attorney general is suing its leadership for fraud — and she's also seeking to completely disband the organization. Wayne LaPierre probably wishes that the N.R.A. had been chartered as a 501(c)(3) charitable institution in some other state than New York. Of course, the N.R.A. has a shown a large capacity to stand its ground in the face of attacks.

From the album Make America Grin Again (2018). See live performance video on YouTube!

Week of September 21

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away last week, shifted the Supreme Court's balance leftward when she joined the court in 1993, only to end up in the minority most of the time in recent years.

From the album Campaign and Suffering (2008).

Week of September 14

President Trump's new executive order will lower drug prices dramatically. If it ever takes effect, that is. Pharmaceutical companies say he doesn't have the authority, but the White House says he does... under Obamacare. Which of course he's still working to destroy. If you're confused about Trump's healthcare promises and your head is swimming, don't worry. There's a pill for that.

From the album Campaign and Suffering (2008). Watch the video on YouTube.

Week of September 7

Vladimir Putin has been up to his old tricks again, poisoning critics at home to shut down political dissent in Russia. Alexei Navalny is just the latest of Putin's opponents to suffer the misfortune of falling into a coma. Luckily for him, he was merely poisoned with a nerve agent, and he's likely to survive. It could have been much worse!

See live performance video on YouTube! From the album Springtime for Liberals (2007).