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Week of June 17

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is resigning, leaving big shoes to fill. She was a very special person with a tough job to do: explaining the president's "tough language," proving that he's not a racist, that he didn't collude, and generally making sure that information is accurate — just the way the president likes it.

Week of June 10

Elizabeth Warren is polling high among the top Democrats in Iowa. Joe Biden is still on top, but Warren leads if you count up the number of new ideas and policy plans. And she's likeable, too!

From the album Orange Is the New Barack (2017).

Week of June 3

Republicans didn't push back too much when Alabama's Roy Moore was twice thrown out of office for failing to uphold the Constitution. But now they're cringing at Moore's plan for a Senate re-match against Doug Jones. President Trump warned Alabama voters to stay away. Don Jr. went further, saying that Moore should just "ride off into the sunset." Which would keep him away from the girls at the mall.

Week of May 27

After just seventeen years in prison, the "American Taliban," John Walker Lindh, is a free man. When he was captured by U.S. soliders in 2001 in an Afghan prison, his family said he was a misunderstood youth who should be released early. A lot of other people, including politicians then and now, thought it would set a good example if he were locked up for good.

Week of May 20

Vice President Pence has been making the rounds of Christian campuses this commencement season, and he got a standing ovation at Taylor University for telling students to "stand up" for their Christian values in a time when "religious belief is under assault."

See live performance video on YouTube! From the album Make America Grin Again (2018).

Week of May 13

President Trump told Michael Cohen that his son has "the worst judgment of anyone in the world." Don Jr. signed hush-money checks to Stormy Daniels, lied about the Trump Tower meeting, and maybe even perjured himself before Congress. Now that he's been subpoenaed by the Republican chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Don Jr. is getting ready to take the Fifth on the advice of counsel...and his dad.

From the album Make America Grin Again (2018).

Week of May 6

The Census Bureau has been under scrutiny for its addition of a question about citizenship, but illegal immigrants aren't the only ones dreading the 2020 census. Have you seen the planned questionnaire yet? There are enough questions to aggravate just about everybody.

From the album Desperate Housemembers (2011).

Week of April 29

Since President Trump routinely gets criticized and mocked for over-tweeting, it's no surprise that his defenders would attack liberals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for under-tweeting. But it's not her style to back down, and AOC even had some choice words for the president.

New! See live performance video on YouTube.

Week of April 22

Bernie Sanders has a message for voters. It's about the millionaires and billionaires. And he's going to keep shouting it until everyone pays attention!

New! See live performance video on YouTube.