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Charles Keating (1923-2014)

76 Bad Loans Back in the 80's, Keating was the poster boy for the S&L banking crisis. He was a trendsetter in buying influence, making risky investments, and getting taxpayer to pay for gigantic losses.

76 Bad Loans

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Dennis Rodman in North Korea You can get inside info on North Korea from Dennis Rodman, or you can get it from us. See scenes from live performances on our YouTube channel.

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"Capitol Steps Go Into Comedy Overdrive During Government Shutdown" — Washington Post (10/13/13)

"Is anyone safe from the claws of our Capitol Steps?... There's no substitute to watching them perform live." — review from DC Metro Arts (8/12/13).

"The Capitol Steps deserve their reputation as a mainstay of political comedy in DC" — review from DC Theatre Scene.

"Always Something Fresh" — review from MD Theatre Guide.

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Lirty Dies Lirty Dies follows a great political tradition: You're not quite sure what you're hearing, and we're not quite sure what we're saying. If you'd like to follow along, you can read and hear many more Lirty Dies on our site. Or watch us live on YouTube.

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Rita Jenrette Our name was taken from a racy Washington scandal of the time we began, in 1981. Just recently, former congressional wife Rita Jenrette spoke out and denied the legend, 30 years later! We're sticking with her original story.

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Week of April 21

Now that tax filing season is over, the IRS is gearing up to collect penalties from the millions of Americans who were supposed to get health insurance by the Obamacare deadline but didn't...or couldn't.

New! From the album How to Succeed in Congress Without Really Lying (2014).

Week of April 14

More Benghazi investigations, anyone? John Boehner is pushing back against 180 House Republicans asking for a new select committee (in addition to the four already on the case). Charles Krauthammer, no friend of the administration, says "this thing is done...Sometimes you blow it." But three GOP senators promised last week to keep digging, and it looks like the issue won't go away before 2016 if there is any way to keep it alive.

New! From the album How to Succeed in Congress Without Really Lying (2014).

Week of April 7

Repeated Secret Service scandals are "absolutely not" evidence of deep problems, its director says, just "isolated incidents." Two years ago, a dozen agents were disciplined after they refused to pay full price for their prostitutes. This time, two weeks ago, three agents on the presidential protection detail passed out, dead drunk in Amsterdam. So if you're among the long-term unemployed, there are lots of new openings to check out. And the sunglasses are free.

From the album Fiscal Shades of Gray (2013).

Week of March 31

President Obama takes a tough stand against Russia's actions in Crimea. Just kidding. At least Mitt Romney gets to have the last laugh.

Week of March 24

Republican hopes for retaking the Senate this year are looking up. The latest forecast from Nate Silver picks the GOP as a slight favorite to win outright majority control. One of its secret weapons is former Senator Scott Brown, who is now running as a carpetbagger in New Hampshire. Demcrats still have nightmares about his surprise win in the 2010 special election to replace Ted Kennedy, which cost them their supermajority and nearly killed off Obamacare.

Week of March 17

Four years after the worst oil spill in U.S. history, all is forgiven. BP received permission last week to once again compete for oil leases in the Gulf and delivery contracts for the US military. At the time, BP chief Tony Hayward said the environmental impact would be "very, very modest." BP ended up pleading guilty to felony manslaughter, lying to Congress, and environmental violations. Now after years of lobbying its friends and foes in Washington, it looks like it is the long-term impact on BP's profits that will be very, very modest.

From the album Desperate Housemembers (2011).

Week of March 10

High school students can now look forward to a freshly redesigned S.A.T., starting in 2016. The new test is just like politics: there's no penalty for wrong answers!

From the album I Want It Dad's Way (Special Release 2005).

Week of March 3

Sochi will be remembered for by visitors for the hospitality and fine facilities at least as much as for the fine athletic competitions. After a day of watching triple axels on ice and cork-9's on snow, spectators returned to their hotel rooms to face the double toilet. The lucky ones came prepared.

Week of February 24

Once again, Ukraine is without a president. After the ever-popular president Viktor Yanukovych fled the capital Saturday, the parliament voted to remove him and hold new elections. Yanukovych knows what that feels like. In 2004, his initial electoral win was quickly reversed when he was accused of rigging the results and poisoning his adversary, Viktor Yushchenko.

From the album Four More Years in the Bush Leagues (2005).

Week of February 17

The war on terror at home and abroad got some unexpected help last week. At a terrorist camp in Iraq, a suicide-bomb trainer accidentally killed himself and 21 recruits while demonstrating with live explosives. After the explosion, security forces also found at least a dozen wounded militants, seven car bombs, several explosive belts, and an unknown number of shoes.

From the album When Bush Comes to Shove (2002).