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Week of February 1

Bernie Sanders flip-flops just ahead of the Iowa caucuses. First he was sick and tired of hearing about Hillary's "damn e-mails." Now that some of them turn out to have been top secret (and now that his campaign is under more pressure), he says it's "a very serious issue." Finally, an issue where Bernie and all Republicans agree!

Week of January 25

Heading into the nineteenth GOP debate, frontrunner Donald Trump objected to Megyn Kelly returning as a moderator. Instead he wants Fox News, the debate sponsor, to find some terrific women who would be very, very, very classy and not ask too many hard questions.

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Week of January 18

The amazing Donald Trump continues to dominate the Republican campaign, thanks to the huge appeal of his New York values and a really, really smart campaign message.

Week of January 11

Less than a month to go until the voting begins! This presidential election cycle has had more candidates (and crazier ones) than ever before, so it's time to review the choices before we pick a new leader for the next four years.

Week of January 4

Bill Clinton's past is "fair game," according to Donald Trump, since Hillary is constantly "playing the woman card." It's a risky strategy. The idea seems to be that if she can't control her husband, how can she run the country? But Trump overlooks the fact that Hillary actually does know exactly what it takes to keep him in line.

From the album First Lady and the Tramp (1999)

Week of December 28

Hillary Clinton's Kwanzaa outreach on Twitter this weekend was another campaign fail, appreciated on the Internet just as much as her recent hispandering. Luckily for her, polls show Americans are becoming less concerned about the "War on Christmas."

From the exclusive online holiday album Weiner Wonderland (2011)

Week of December 21

Whether the prisoners or guards have been naughty or nice, President Obama still wants to close Guantánmo before he leaves office, calling it a "magnet for jihadi recruitment." Even though Congress blocked him before and doesn't exactly trust him now, he says he's giving lawmakers one last chance to help. For now, though, down on the base, everyone is getting into the usual Christmas spirit.

From the album Barackin' Around the Christmas Tree (2009)

Week of December 14

Globalization means that no one's job will be safe until President Trump or President Sanders stamps out free trade. Not even Santa's.

From the special holiday album Barackin' Around The Christmas Tree (2009)

Week of December 7

President Obama rejected selectively profiling Americans based on religion in his speech last night, while Republican presidential candidates have been calling for much closer scrutiny of potential terrorists and more effective surveillance. How about just tracking everyone? Private databases like that already exist.

From the special holiday album Weiner Wonderland (2011) — available exclusively on-line at iTunes and Amazon.